What Differentiates CM

  • Experience -more than 20 years experience in marketing, counseling/therapy and coaching.
  • Clinical expertise – Our CEO/Trainer is a licensed therapist and a nationally certified counselor (Board Certified)
  • Affordable  
  • Diverse  –  We cater to diversity and embrace multiculturalism.   All are welcomed.
  • Professional
  • Trustworthy and Reliable

How do I get started?

Complete the Contact Us form on this website.

How will I be matched?

One of our experienced personality specialists will select your matches based on the information you provide us during our conversation, your preferences, and your personal likes and dislikes. We will also use our expertise to make executive decisions based on our knowledge and experience.  But, we will never over ride your wishes, requirements, wants and needs.

How does CABBARITTA Matchmaking (CM) works?

Our Matchmakers search far and wide and screen high quality eligible clients.  From this screening, we select only the most eligible clients who meet our strict selection standards and worthy to be considered as a CABBARITTA.

Is CM in my city?

That is a possibility.  If you complete our contact us form, we will advise you if we have a matchmaker in your city or a city near you.

How Do I become a CM client?

Please complete the form listed under Contact Us. We review and screen all our prospects and our team will make a final approval based on several factors. Email us at info@cabbaritta.com for more information.

Why should I try CM?

Because you are tired of online dating with phony and “ghost” profiles. You are tired of spinning your wheels and texting and emailing “phantoms.” Maybe you are too busy and do not want to date people with whom you are familiar. There is nothing wrong with being selective and for wanting to meet someone with impeccable tastes and style.