Meet Our Founder and President

Would you like a Matchmaker who is:

  • A licensed psychotherapist
  • Advanced Degrees, M.S., MA/MBA
  • Seton Hall University Graduate
  • Professional Matchmaker Certification
  • Executive Recruiting Experience
  • Coaching, Training and
  • Marketing Know-How

Well…You have found her.

Meet Ms. S.M. Barrett, a licensed Psychotherapist, Professional Matchmaker, Coach, Executive Recruiter and Trainer. She earned a Masters’ Degree in Business from Seton Hall University as well as Masters Degrees in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Psychology.

S. M. traversed a successful career in Marketing at fortune 500 companies while shepherding Juliet Wright Matchmaking and a successful recruiting and staffing career. She also worked as a matchmaker for a large matchmaking company.

Six years ago, she re-branded Juliet Wright Matchmaking, a 20-something-year-old international matchmaking company she founded and developed in the late nineties – Cabbaritta Matchmaking (CM) was born. S.M. describes her vision behind Cabbaritta as an “exclusive yet inclusive” matchmaking company that embraces everyone. S.M. stated the intent is to make Cabbaritta Matchmaking not intimidating, but a welcoming matchmaking company that embraces everyone, not just the wealthy. According to Ms. Barrett, “Cabbaritta is not looking for individuals who fit a proverbial mold, but for individuals who have a genuine desire to connect with that special someone and find a match.

Her therapeutic and diversity training “outclasses” and sets her apart from other matchmakers. Her proved marketing abilities, respect of cultural differences, passion for matchmaking, unique listening abilities, patience, charm and wit, tactfulness, ease with people and her networking know-how makes her the perfect link-woman and a worthy partner.

S.M. was a “Yenta” before matchmaking was cool. A natural and confident “cupid,” she arranged her first match-ups as a teenager in high school. Now an experienced, seasoned and accomplished marriage broker and dating coach, with more than 20-years’ experience in Matchmaking, she weaves her expertise in psychotherapy, executive recruiting and coaching into one of the most trusted, sought after and exclusive but all-inclusive, Matchmaking Leader.

For a confidential fifteen-minute consultation with SM, send an email to